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Pos.1) Oil refinery; no under process - under nitrogen gas purge; INPUT: abt 120 000 CBMpD; OUTPUT: GO, Kerosene, DO, LFO/HFO, bitumen; Seller will dismantle and transport refinery to the buyer; sale only.

Pos. 1) Gasoline Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU). recovers 98% of hydrocarbons in a vapor stream of up to 1200 MCFD Vapors from loading ships at 9,000 BPH of hydrocarbons. Ready for shipment; sale only.

Pos. 1) Gasfication plant ( from coal to natural gas) ; YOM mid 10's; 2014; OUTPUT: 500,000 TpY; Coal Consumption : 2 Million TpY; sale only.

Pos. 1) OFFER; Calcium Chloride plant bieten, aber so etwas finden Sie nicht auf den Markt als fertiggestellt, da muss erst einmal eine Ingenieurfirma die Anlage nach Rohstoffen, Endproduct-Spez, Ort, wassermenge usw usw entwerfen und Maschinen / Anlagen geliefert werden. Das koennen wir guenstig mit Partnern anbieten; sale only.

Pos. 1) NEW LPG plant for sale.

Pos. 1) Oil refineries with own 1 000 petrol sales points + own tanks park; OUTPUT: abt 18 000 000 CBM p Y as GO, DO, HFO; sale only.

Pos. 1) Wool washing plant with dryer; WW 2 000MM; OUTPUT: abt 0,8 TpH; sale only.

Pos. 1) Nylon Polymerization plant; used but in good condition; OUTPUT 35TpD; sale only.

Pos. 1) Polyester Polycondensation; YOM end 90's; OUTPUT: 150 ton/day PET; INPUT: PTA and EG; TIO2 suspension feed; Esterification stage 1 and 11; Prepolycondensation, Prepolymer transfer; Final polycondensation; Vacuum system; Polymer discharge system; sale only.

Pos.1) Asphalt production plant; OUTPUT: abt200 TpH; YOM ely 90; PCL controll; Price: abt 0,3 MUS$ as is wi is; sale only.

Pos.1) Atmosferic and Vaccum oil distillation plant; INPUT: abt 3 000 000 TpY; Products: GO, DO, HFO; sale only.

Pos. 1) - Isopropyl benzene production plant; OUTPUT; abt 170 000 TpY; YOM mid 10's; Technology: Japan; INPUT: phenol + benzene; sale only.

Pos. 1) Complete cement mixing plant; bins + conveyors PC controls; dismantled and ready load on trucks; sale only;

Pos.1) H2 production plant; OUTPUT: abt 1 500 Nm3pH of 99,99% H2; OEM suppoert; sale only.

Pos.1) Oil refinery; Price: abt 850,0 MUS$; Expected life time 40 years onwards; raady to dismantling and reerection in any place in the world; sale only.

Pos. 1) Oil refinery; INPUT abt 15 000 000 CBM; OUTPUT; GO, DO, HFO and others; huge tank park + resseler net; sale only.

Pos. 2) Oil refinery; INPUT: abt 10 000 000TpY; STORAGE: abt 2 000 000 M3 in 3 tank parks; sale only.

Pos. 3) H2 99% (purity) production plant; INPUT: steam methane; reforming can be naphtha, LPG or natural gas; OUTPUT: abt 40% efficieny; sale only.

Pos. - 1) – Organic fibre washing plant; OUTUT: abt 0,8 TpH; YOM in 00's; sale only.

Pos. 1) Oil refineries from EU; OUTPUT ttl abt 80% one country production; sale only.

Pos. - 1) Veg oil refinery and hydrogenation plant; OUTPUT: abt 30 TpD; YOM post 2010. sale only.

Pos. -1) Food production plant; incl. packing machines; brand new; sale only.

Pos. 1) Oil refinery for sale; Price: abt 300 MUS$; sale only.

Pos. -1) Methanol production unit; used but in good production condition; sale only.

Pos. - 1) CO2 recovery plant; new; for sale

Pos. -1) - SNG(Synthetic Natural Gas) generation Plant; YOM mid 00's; OUTPUT; 500,000 TpY; sale only.

Pos. -2) - Continuous Solvent Scouring Machine for the treatment of woven and knitted fabric containing elastomeric (spandex or elastane) yarns; sale only.

Pos. 1) Ethylene recovery unit; INPUT: ROG + Vented gas; OUTPUT: abt 350 TpD (polymer + fuel gas + C3); sale only.

Pos. 1) - Nylon 45 production plant; OUTPUT; abt 35 TpD; ; YOM ely 90's - mid 10's: Technology: DE + JPN; sale only.

Pos. 1) AMMONIA production plant incl. technology; sale only

Pos. 1) Supply of iron ore; over 50% Fe; in lots of 20 000 MTS; Price: bss FOB EU sea port; sale only.

Pos. 1) Steam methane reforming unit; YOM mid 90's; sale only.

Pos. 2) Chemical dispensing system; abt 1 000 T tanks; full automated system incl. weighing control; sale only.


Business/investment loan up to 500 MUS$ with no collateral even with bad credit; For Personal, Business or Company; No Collateral needed; 3-5% Interest Rate; Repayment duration of over 10years; 100% Guaranteed Approval Rate; Repayment Guarantee will be signed and approved by the government.Terms and Condition Applies SBLC/BG, PPP, TRADING, BITCOIN LOANS, ETCF or more.

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