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from Orley Consulting International Hamburg - Germany

Dear Sirs,

We are getting lot of inquiries / offers daily and we have to inform you
that we are expanding rapidly and number our contracted business partners grow steady.
To assume our best service for all Your inquiries / demands (still not covered
with signed Letter of Commitment, Letter of Intent, exclusive mandate or
another written contract) we are offering You our


All your demands and/or offers are treated discreet and Your data will be never
given to the third party.
Please, be sure that we have keen interest in successful closing Your deals and
You can fully profit from our background and experience.
In case You want follow seriously your demand / offer I will send You our business
policy for your information and acceptation:

1. ORLEY CONSULTING INTL. is not the broker company. It's mean that
we are working (as far as possible) direct with Customers (Sellers, Buyers or Owners).

2. ORLEY CONSULTING INTL. is working only on the base of Letter of Commitment,
Letter of Intent, exclusive mandate or another written contract which is
usually signed / issued in our direct Customer office.
If you are broker - your commission is namely mentioned in this
contract and your right for payment, after successful deal closing,
is certified.

3. All expenses belong to the business trips as above
mentioned in point 2. and consulting fee - have to be prepaid in cash (before negotiation)
by Customer and all these expenses will be deducted later
from commission due after closed business to the ORLEY Consulting only.

Thank you for your once more for interest and I am looking
for your soon (fax or email with your company head letter / full style) reply.


Marius B. Orley back to the start page

*) FREE INFO SERVICE: volume of our daily issue exceed 100 000 ads, (up to dated twice daily) with
new classified DEMANDS and OFFERS for maritime shipping.

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